About BWF

About Bare Wholefood Feeds

Bare Wholefood Feeds is about embracing foods and ingredients in their most natural form. Focusing on health and wellness, the recipes on this blog emphasise the use of fresh whole ingredients and minimally processed foods.

Food Philosphy

I am a big believer in a balanced and varied diet and eating what works best for me, be it a chickpea curry, a packet of crips, a raw bar or a slice of cake. I don’t follow any diet in particular, dietary restrictions or limit myself to certain food types. However, in my home cooking I like to focus on creating healthy recipes by incorporating as many wholefoods into my diet as I can. Celebrating ingredients in their most natural state and creating meals and treats that are nourishing, nutrient rich and also delicious.

About Me

I am a massive foodie and have been my whole life. My love for food and being in the kitchen started with baking when I was little and in later years transitioned to an interest in the powerful effects food can have on overall health. This interest came about in my late teens as I began to develop a series of allergies and sensitivities that I had not had before. I began to keep a food diary and this sparked an interest in learning about how food and particular food types can have an impact on overall health. Fast forward to 2018 and I decided to pack in my job at home and move to London where I studied a Diploma in Gastronomy, Nutrition & Food Trends in Le Cordon Bleu (a life long dream). Now I can be found enjoying the sun, sea and sustenance in Sydney and Melbourne.